January 18th, 2015, 2:56 pm

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More staff
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Reply Crimson Chains, January 18th, 2015, 2:58 pm

Gen and Sai are pretty busy being the main medical staff P:
Would be good to get some more people to help :D
Kuragi not so subtly trying to compliment Sai XD

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Reply Crimson Chains, January 19th, 2015, 2:41 am

@WarriorNun: It is not XD
He is just always direct and in your face o3o!!!
For better or for worse XD

Reply Crimson Chains, January 19th, 2015, 2:41 am

@shadowpen: Yes, he's starting to fall for Kuragi's not-so-subtle charm I guess X3
Glad it makes you happy!! >w>

Reply Crimson Chains, January 19th, 2015, 2:43 am

@Kiya- Chan: Could be o3o
Would certainly make Kuragi quite jealous >w>
Which could be good :D
Or bad XD
Guess we'll see what happens and what kind of crew member they might get~

Reply Crimson Chains, January 19th, 2015, 2:44 am

@XxScarlette_WhisprexX: Not hidden at all~
Sai's becoming more open :3
Kuragi could be implying something XD
hard to say, he's a pretty devious guy when he needs to be o3o

Reply Crimson Chains, January 19th, 2015, 2:46 am

@Itoshii: It's kinda both! :D
The definitely do hunt down pirates, the kind they see as harmful and such! :O
But they also consider themselves pirates, as does the government, since they operate outside the law P:
Technically they don't follow any protocol and don't follow any command that the government issues so they are more or less considered pirates :D

Reply Crimson Chains, February 1st, 2015, 11:02 pm

@Pandamelium: Yup, new helper ^w^
Hahaha, who knows? XD
We'll see if he gets the captain's blood boiling or not!! O3O
Could very well cause Kuragi to be a little jealous >u>
After all, whoever they are even if they aren't interested in Sai they will get to work more closely with him than Kuragi! :D

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Reply WarriorNun, January 18th, 2015, 3:06 pm

Subtle is not in your vocab, Kuragi xD

Reply shadowpen, January 18th, 2015, 4:34 pm

Sai, i can see you blushing... and it makes me very happy :p

Reply Kiya- Chan, January 18th, 2015, 6:27 pm

Hn and then someone new can come in and try to steal Sai from Kragi!

Reply XxScarlette_WhisprexX, January 18th, 2015, 10:37 pm

Awe, your blush is not hidden Sai but I feel Kuragi is implying something >.>

Reply Itoshii, January 18th, 2015, 11:43 pm

wait theyre pirates? i thought they hunted pirates?

Reply Pandamelium, January 22nd, 2015, 9:50 pm

New helpers? Possibly new.... LOVE INTERESTS. (Which hah nothing can hold a flame to Sai and Kuragi, but I love a good jealousy now and again.)

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